Foxhunter 12ft Trampoline Set Review

Trampoline Safety Tips

Trampolines are a lot of fun, they are great for fitness and they’re popular with adults and children alike. However, some people are concerned about the safety of trampolines and in fact some people are so worried about trampolines that they are scared of buying one or even scared of letting their children use one. It it is true that you or your children could hurt themselves whilst using a trampoline, but if you follow standard health and safety procedures you’ll help prevent common accidents and ensure a fun and safe experience for everyone. 1. Ensure Your Trampoline Has A Safety Enclosure Many trampoline accidents occur because the user falls […]

Foxhunter 12foott Trampoline Set Review

How Trampolines Help Reduce Stress

Stress can be caused by many things and, whilst a little stress is often normal and perhaps even helpful in motivating you to get things done, too much stress can give you headaches, stop you sleeping and contribute towards the risk of heart attacks, stroke and heat diseases. Many self help professionals claim to have all the answers which can help you alleviate stress, but the truth is that stress can be very persistent and meditation, breathing exercises and positive thinking exercises are not going to work for everyone. Exercise For Stress Relief It’s a well known fact that exercise can relieve stress, improve your mood and increase your general […]

Cortez Premier 10 Foot Trampoline

Impressive Trampoline Tricks

Trampolines are a great source of fun and exercise, but they can also be used for acrobatics, competitions and even the Olympics! If you’re new to trampolining and you want to start off with some simple moves before you build up to the bigger stuff, or if you’re more advanced and you want to learn something new, then read on for our guide to impressive trampoline tricks! We are going to start with the basics and build up to the more impressive stuff, so if you are already familiar with basic trampoline techniques feel free to skip ahead. 1. Bouncing Before you attempt any tricks, you will need to perfect […]

Woodworm 10 Foot Trampoline

In Ground Vs Above Ground Trampolines

When you think about outdoor trampolines you will probably visualise an above ground trampoline, i.e. a trampoline which is supported by pole-like legs and is raised above the ground. What you may not realise is that you can either buy one of these above ground trampolines or, if you would prefer, you can buy a trampoline and insert it into the ground so the mat is the same level as the ground. Advantages Of Above Ground Trampolines Above ground trampolines are a lot simpler and easier to set up. All you need to do is buy the trampoline, assemble it and start using it. Unless you buy a safety enclosure […]

Oval Trampoline Reviews

Rectangle Trampolines Or Round Ones

It’s great that you’ve decided to buy an outdoor trampoline, but before you buy one there are a few things you’ll need to think about. Trampolines are pretty big items, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve chosen the right trampoline for your household to avoid stress later on. You may not have given the shape of your trampoline much thought, but it is an important thing to think about. Read on to find out more about rectangular and round trampolines! Round Trampolines Trampolines which are designed for recreational and domestic use tend to be round, and as a result when you think of a large outdoor trampoline you will […]

Skyhigh Oval Trampoline

Trampolines Vs Rebounders

The main difference between a standard outdoor trampoline and a rebounder (or mini trampoline) is the size and location. What Is A Trampoline? Large trampolines are normally intended for outdoor use, they are set up in the garden, they are large and they enable the user to jump high into the air and even perform various trampoline tricks. What Is A Rebounder (Mini Trampoline)? Rebounders, on the other hand, are normally intended for indoor use. They are small, portable and only intended for one person at a time. You still jump (or bounce) on a rebounder, but you will stay closer to the ground and be unable to perform somersaults, […]