Does Trampoline Kill Grass? Find Out Here!

Can trampoline kill grass? It’s an odd question to ask, but with a little digging we can find some interesting information.

There is no doubt about it: trampolines are a safe and great way to have fun. But, like anything that is fun, there is a risk of injury, and often people worry about letting their kids jump too high or too often. There is also the possibility of damage to the ground, and the fact that the trampoline could even be set alight. 

Trampolines can be used on grass, but it is recommended to lay down a mat to protect the grass from being trampled. Although most trampolines have a safety area around them, sometimes people can still land near the trampoline and damage some parts of the lawn or garden.

Trampolines can kill the grass by uprooting it, which results in a dead spot. There are ways to avoid killing your grass around the trampoline and it is essential if you have a trampoline. You can easily prevent this by placing the trampoline on a tarp or a wood floor.

There is no scientific evidence to support the notion that trampoline use damages to grass, but a recent survey indicated that 5.9% of people who had lived on a trampoline for over one year had experienced some damage to the grass. Obviously, this is a small sample size, but it does show that the concerns of trampoline users are not unfounded.

Many would assume that trampolines will not only damage the grass that surrounds them, but will also lead to the complete destruction of the lawn.

Is a trampoline bad for grass?

It is said that grass is the most forgiving surface on the planet. Grass can take a beating and still remain green and lush. Grass also grows back quickly after being stomped on. The grass is the perfect place to walk and play—it’s a great place to have a trampoline. What if I told you that a trampoline can be bad for grass?

Most of us know that jumping on a trampoline is a great way to work out and stay active, but we also know that the trampoline is not good for the grass. We have all heard the statistics, and we know that the trampoline can reduce grass by as much as 80%.

Thankfully, trampoline manufacturers have gotten much better at designing their products and keeping their harmful effects on the grass to a minimum.

The health-conscious among you may already be thinking about how to protect your lawn from a trampoline. Obviously, the important thing to keep in mind is that a trampoline should be placed in a location that does not negatively impact the grass.

This is where you need to think about the area around the trampoline and the types of grass nearby. If you live in an area where the grass is common, then you should carefully consider the location of the trampoline. 

Why Does the Grass Die Under a Trampoline?

One of the best parts of hopping on a trampoline is that it is an active form of exercise. For some, it’s the only way they get any kind of cardio in. Unfortunately, it’s not all fun and games. The weight of a person on a trampoline can be a handful during the jumping time, causing the ground to be uneven. This can lead to the grass underneath being uneven, deformed, and can even die.

It takes a lot of grass to cover a trampoline, but if it’s thin grass, it doesn’t take much to trample it down. However, it may surprise you that the grass doesn’t actually die. It is actually the air that comes into contact with the grass that causes the grass to become soft and spread out, while the trampoline itself remains firm and at the same level as before.

In fact, there is very little air that comes into contact with the trampoline, and a study found that the trampoline surface is still dry after running for over an hour on a hot day.

The trampoline is sucking the water out of the soil, causing a lack of oxygen. Since plants need oxygen to grow, this is deadly.

How do you keep grass alive under a trampoline?

If you’ve ever played under a trampoline, you’ve probably noticed it’s hard to keep grass alive under there. But there are plenty of ways to do so, with a few of the most popular being to purchase a bag of soil and sprinkle it around the edge of the trampoline. You can also buy mulch, and it can be a great alternative to using the soil method. But if you need a slightly more creative solution, here are some suggestions on how to keep your grass alive under a trampoline:

  • You must make sure that the area under the trampoline is clear of any objects that could poke holes in the protective netting or get caught in the springs.
  • A layer of wood chips or sand is usually spread out to prevent damage to the soil and grass.
  • To install wood chips or grass seed, you should first clear a square area, removing the grass if necessary.
  • You should lay the wood chips or seed evenly.
  • You should only put a small layer of mulch on the surface of the soil.
  • You should water the wood chips or seed with a hose to ensure germination. Run a long plastic pipe under the trampoline and fill it with your soaker hose.

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