How To Do An In Ground Trampoline? Read It Here!

How Can You Put Trampoline In The Ground?

In the past few years, popular trampolines have shrunk, grown, and changed in a number of ways. For instance, you may remember the old trampolines that had a flat plastic net surrounding the frame.

Then there were trampolines that had a net that was tight and stiff, but had a flexible frame that would allow the net to move with you as you bounced along.

Now, there are trampolines you can put in ground. So, how can you put trampoline in the ground?

There are many ways to put a trampoline in the ground. To put a trampoline in the ground, you might need to dig a hole to put the rings in place and then push the trampoline down into the ground.

You can do this by inserting the rings then pushing the trampoline in the other direction.

Though the cheapest is to buy a standard trampoline with a metal frame and weld it to the ground. This method has several drawbacks, however, like the trampoline will be harder to take down if torn up by a dog, and the metal frame adds extra weight.

A better solution is to find a standard trampoline that already comes with a metal frame, and just use a strong enough anchor to keep the trampoline frame in the ground.

If the anchor is not strong enough, the entire trampoline will just slide back out of the ground. If possible, you should also use a good trampoline mat to lessen the chance of damage to your yard.

In this post, we will show you the step-by-step process on how to do an in ground trampoline, so keep reading.

How Deep Do you Have to Dig for an In ground Trampoline?

When choosing an inground trampoline, you need to know the depth of the installation area. This will show you how deep you have to dig to install the trampoline.

To measure the depth of your trampoline well, begin by first measuring the width and length or size of trampoline

Measure the distance between the outer trampoline frame rails, and then multiply that length by the width to get the square area. Next, measure the distance between the trampoline and the edge of your house or fence.

You will need to measure the distance on both sides of the trampoline. To get the volume, multiply that distance by the length of the trampoline.

Above-ground trampoline are placed in a hole in the ground which is dug out according to the size of the trampoline. 

You should dig a hole 2 feet wider than the trampoline and 2 feet longer. The hole should be 6 feet deep but also allow for the height of the trampoline to be added to the depth to ensure it’s a safe distance.

Step by Step In Ground Trampoline Installation

Inground trampoline install is a very good way to organise a fun game for everyone in the family. Follow these step by step guide to install your own inground trampolines.

Step 1: Planning

Planning is important when installing an in ground trampoline. It is necessary to make sure there is enough space to install the quality trampoline in the ground.

It should be in a clear area free from overhanging trees. It should also be away from fences and other barriers before you start your digging project.

Step 2: Excavation

Arrange for the digging of a hole for installing the trampoline. Excavate a hole that is deep and wide enough to fit the medium size trampolines.

Step 3: Trampoline Installation

Lower the trampoline into the excavation pit. Ensure the trampoline frame is levelled and that there are no parts of the frame that are hanging over the edges of the pit.

Step 4: Attach the trampoline springs to the metal frame.

Do not attach the enclosure net yet. Fill the hole with soil. Make sure it is level with the surrounding ground and the trampoline is centred in the hole.

Step 5: Attach the safety enclosure net.

If the safety enclosure net is already attached to the trampoline, you will need to remove it.

If the safety enclosure net is not attached to the trampoline, unwrap the net from its packaging and lay it out on the ground next to the box. Attach the net to the hooks at the top and bottom of the trampoline.

Tips for Digging Trampoline Into the Ground

Well, there are a few things you should know before you go out and get yourself a trampoline and start digging to your backyard.

Digging trampolines are a great way to have fun with friends and enjoy the outdoors. However, digging them is no easy task, especially on grass, which tends to be a little too muddy for the treads of your digging shovel.

Here are some tips you can consider:

  • The ground must be level or sloping away from the trampoline to facilitate drainage. Concrete is required to a depth of 15 inches.
  • Fill the hole with water before you pour the concrete. This will help to prevent the concrete from cracking.
  • Cover the concrete with a rubber membrane. This will help to prevent cracking and make the trampoline more durable.
  • Tie rebar to the legs of the trampoline.
  • When digging your trampoline, remove all weeds and grass, dig a 10 feet deep hole and then compact it with a hand tamping tool.
  • It is good to have as much stability as possible when digging a trampoline into the ground. To prevent the trampoline from being moved, put in twice the number of anchor bolts as there are sides to the trampoline.

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