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Trampolines Vs Rebounders

The main difference between a standard outdoor trampoline and a rebounder (or mini trampoline) is the size and location.

What Is A Trampoline?

Large trampolines are normally intended for outdoor use, they are set up in the garden, they are large and they enable the user to jump high into the air and even perform various trampoline tricks.

Skyhigh Oval TrampolineWhat Is A Rebounder (Mini Trampoline)?

Rebounders, on the other hand, are normally intended for indoor use. They are small, portable and only intended for one person at a time. You still jump (or bounce) on a rebounder, but you will stay closer to the ground and be unable to perform somersaults, flips or other tricks.

So Which Is Better?

When it comes to trampolines and rebounders it’s not so much a question of which is better than a question of what you actually want to use it for.


Trampolines are typically used for recreational purposes and, although performing tricks and impressive feats on a trampoline is a recognised acrobatic sport which adults can and do compete in, they are most commonly associated with children and younger teenagers.

The trampoline is likely to be outside, several people can use it as once, you can jump very high, you can jump with your friends and, as the trampoline is very large, you can also just chill out on it in the evenings. Trampolines do provide the user with multiple health benefits, but unless you are planning on learning tricks they are normally just used for fun.

Trampolines are a great choice for families as they provide children and younger teenagers with a fun form of exercise which gets them moving, makes them go outdoors and stops them spending all their time online.

Trampolines are also fun for people of all ages and adults can actually attend some trampoline parks in the U.K where they can try it out for themselves. Trampoline Societies are also common at university and members of those societies will tend to focus on competitions and acrobatic tricks.


Rebounders are typically used for fitness. Rebounders are small, they can be easily moved from room to room, they are typically used indoors and you will jump closer to the ground (the furthest you will jump is typically around six inches off the mat).

Rebounders are safer than trampolines simply because they do not involve high jumps or acrobats, but they can still strain Best Trampoline Reviewsyour muscles if you’re not used to jumping so remember to take it slow at first (even just 5 minutes can have a positive affect) and increase your time as you improve.

Rebounders can be used by people of any age, but they tend to be more popular with adults. They provide the user with a lower-impact form of exercise which is especially beneficial for older people as it puts less strain on the joints and bones whilst, at the same time, actually improving muscle and bone strength.

Rebounders are also known to help improve the lymphatic system and remove toxins from the body, they are a good form of cardiovascular exercise and can improve both heart and lung function, and they can also help relieve stress.

You may not be able to perform complicated acrobatic routines on a rebounder, but you still have plenty of options. Some people choose to simply bounce and work their way up to jumping, some people will just jump slowly on the spot, and others may follow work out routines and incorporate their trampoline into other forms of exercise (such as a base for sit ups or push ups).

Many rebounders will come with a free exercise DVD which will give you several work out ideas, and it is also easy to find rebounding workouts online. Mini trampoline classes are also popular if you want to exercise in a group environment.

Rebounders can also be used with stabilization bars for even more safety, and you can incorporate weight kits and other pieces of equipment for an even fuller body workout.


Neither trampolines nor rebounders are necessarily ‘better’, but they do serve different purposes. If you want to try out some acrobatics, jump high into the air, jump with your friends at the same time and/or jump outside then a trampoline is the better choice, but if you are looking for a low impact form of exercise to do at home, in the gym or as part of a class then a rebounder is what you need.

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