Best 8ft Trampoline Reviews

Best 8ft Trampoline – Top 3 In 2019 – 2020

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Best 8 Foot Trampolines – Reviewing The Top 3

Sometimes, you don’t need the largest item on the market. The 8 foot variant of the trampoline for many people is more than large enough for their homes or their children. There is less precedent for accidents and the trampolines will fit better into small gardens.

Vortigern 8 Foot Trampoline Review – Number 1

Best 8ft Trampoline ReviewsThe first trampoline I would recommend is The Vortigern 8 Foot Trampoline (VIEW PRICE HERE!). The Vortigern trampoline is a master class in simplicity. The Vortigern is a simple, no frills approach to the trampoline industry that can’t always be found in the market today. With a very simple manual provided in order to set it up, you can have this trampoline set up in no time.

With this simplistic approach also comes the lightweight nature of the Vortigern meaning there is minimum stress and effort involved when trying to move it around the garden or to a different location entirely.Best 8ft Trampoline The Vortigern has heavy duty PE safety netting and EPE safety foam boundaries around the entire perimeter of the trampoline which should give any parent peace of mind when their children are playing on it.

The UV resistant jump mat makes sure that the mat never gets too hot so that the trampoline becomes impossible to use and the 42 springs under make sure you are getting the most bounce for your buck.



We R Sports 8 Foot Trampoline Review – Number 2

We R Sports TrampolineThe second trampoline I would recommend is The We R Sports 8 Foot Trampoline. The We R Sports trampoline focuses on giving you the workout you need in a simple, fun and safe environment. In fact, the W R Sports team are proud to say that bouncing on their trampoline for a while can enhance the minerals in your body and help reinforce and build a more robust musculoskeletal system for yourself.

The W R Sports trampoline also comes with a closed cell foam that prevents the absorption of water and dew overnight, which can contribute to a trampoline that lasts longer than it’s competitors. This feature, combined with the safety net and ladder result in a solid and affordable package, although some users have voiced concerns at the difficulty of setting the trampoline up, all have done it successfully.



Plum Products Space Zone 8 Ft Trampoline Review – Number 3

Plum Products Space Zone 8 Ft TrampolineThe final trampoline I would recommend is The Plum Products Space Zone 8 Foot Trampoline.The Plum Products Space Zone trampoline is on the surface, just another trampoline, but the Plum Products company often tout that on their trampoline any person, regardless of their weight are guarantees more than a million bounces on their UV protected mat. The galvanised steel that provides the outer and inner structure of the trampoline make sure that every single one of these bounces can fulfilled, and many customer Plum Products Space Zone 8 Ft Trampoline Reviewtestimonials affirm that after more than a year the trampoline is still going strong. On top of these features, the Plum Products Space Zone also has 42 expertly crafted springs under the surface to give the user the best bounce possible as well as the weather protected thick foam padding that surrounds the trampoline as a whole.




The 8 foot trampoline is an interesting commodity, many would assume that an 8 foot diameter is simply not enough to get the action on a trampoline that they would so eagerly expect, but these three trampolines prove the doubters wrong, each proving themselves in the market. However, I would pick the Vortigern, simply because of the amount of features the product has as well as the reasonable price it’s sold at.


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