Why Is My Trampoline Bending? Find Out Here!

What Causes A Trampoline To Bend?

As many of you know, trampolines are fun, exciting, and it’s one of the best ways to get fit. But, like every other mechanical device, they can become damaged.

This can be problematic when the trampoline has become bent, damaged or worn. What causes a trampoline to bend? And why?

It’s a basic question, but there’s a lot of factors at play, and it’s hard to know the answer.

If your trampoline is bent, your springs may have lost their bounce. Trampolines are made of a material called trampoline steel.

This steel can become bent over time due to rust, corroding or impact damage, around the springs.

Torsional stresses occur when two opposite forces act in opposite directions. In your trampoline, the vertical forces are the weight of the jumper and the weight of the springs.

The horizontal forces are the tension in the springs and the force of gravity. In your trampoline, the springs have a constant force pushing them down.

This means the only way the springs can exert a horizontal force (bend the trampoline) is if the trampoline is not level. If your trampoline is not level, it will bend toward the lowest part of the trampoline.

No worries, it is possible to repair a broken trampoline, which could cause a great improvement to the overall functionality of the trampoline.

This blog post will show you how to repair your bent trampoline and learn how to keep it from happening again!

Additional Common Reason Why Your Trampoline is Bending

It is very important to know the reason why your trampoline is bending, for you to know how to repair it, keep it from happening again once it’s been fixed or once you bought another trampoline.

There are several reasons your trampoline is bending: 

  • It is old and the outer metal edge frame has rusted.
  • Trampoline UV was not built correctly or installed incorrectly.
  • One spring on your trampoline has failed.
  • Overused. The amount of uses the trampoline can handle depends on the manufacture, the weight, and the age of the person using the trampoline.
  • Cheaper trampoline are to bent. 
  • It has been left in unsuitable weather, or left outside and the steel has rusted.
  • Many of the materials used to build a trampoline are not weather resistant and can become damaged if left in the elements, especially in bad weather.
  • Detached trampoline mat’s v-rings can affect the trampoline shape.

How to Fix Bent Trampoline?

If you are suffering from a bent trampoline, don’t worry! We know that it seems impossible to fix your trampoline, but it’s not that difficult once you follow our simple repair guide.

The trampoline needs to be dismantled to fix the problem. This is done by removing the frame of the trampoline from the ground, and disconnecting all the connectors and pipes with a screw driver.

The outer metal edge frame of the standard trampoline will be dismantled, so it can be fixed. You should never attempt to straighten a trampoline when it is still connected as it could cause you to injure yourself.

This is more easily said than done, and you should follow these two ways to fixed your bent Trampoline.. 

Bent back certain parts if possible

Once you have disconnected the trampoline, you will need to straighten out the metal frame. You can bend back the parts of the trampoline that are bent or that have become dented.

Bent trampolines can be fixed using a straightening bar. The straightening bar compresses the trampoline springs around the affected area and straightens the frame.

The trampoline frame will be warped and twisted, so you will need to make use of a metal straightening device.

These can be bought online or in hardware stores. Once you have used the straightening device, you will need to reattach the trampoline with the safety cables.

The manufacture can provide you with the exact method for doing this. You can also check your manufacturer’s trampoline warranty.

You can get your trampoline frame checked by a trampoline professional to know whether it is safe to use or you need to repair or replace it.

Replace the bent parts of the frame

Again the trampoline needs to be disassemble for your safety and so it can be fixed. Bent or broken trampolines can be fixed.

If the metal frame is bent, straighten it. But check the trampoline leg, trampoline pole and trampoline pipes for signs of corrosion and if it’s unable to straighten, you can put in new parts if necessary, but it will be expensive.

Replace the bent parts of the trampoline frame before attempting to fix a bent trampoline as this will prevent your safety netting from being damaged during repair.

Replacing the springs and re-winding them will help restore the maximum bounce to your trampoline.

Parts of Trampoline That Can Bent

1. The trampoline jump mat and trampoline safety net enclosure can be bent or damaged. Therefore it is important to ensure you have a safety enclosure that is strong and well made.

2. The parts of the trampoline that can be bent are the springs, and in particular the springs that connect the jumping mat to the frame. However, a small amount of curvature in the springs is normal during regular use.

3. In addition, the springs are not the only part of the trampoline frame that can be bent. The same is true for the trampoline jumping mat itself.

4. The legs of the frame are the most parts of the trampoline that can bend. Although the frame is sturdy, the legs can bend if it is overloaded.

5. Metal pole are one part of a trampoline that can be bent.

Safety Care and Maintenance

Taking a trampoline to the park to see your friends is the best way to spend a Saturday morning, right? But do you know how to take care of your trampoline so it doesn’t get damaged?

Here is a brief guide on how to take care of your trampoline and to prevent damage.

  • To keep your biggest trampoline in top condition, inspect it regularly for signs of wear or damage following the instructions in the manual.
  • You should always make sure that your trampoline is clean and dry before you use it. You can do this by hosing it down and wiping it down with a dry cloth.
  • Before using your new trampoline, ensure that all connections and parts are secure and in good condition. Make sure you check the springs, quality trampoline padding and frame of the trampoline and replace or repair them if needed.
  • Always use a safety enclosure to kids trampoline. Keep children under 16 years from using the Skywalker trampoline without adult supervision.

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