High Winds: How To Stop A Trampoline From Blowing Away? Read Here

What To Do With A Trampoline In High Winds?

It’s a windy day and you forgot your trampoline when you head to the park. You’ve got two choices: either wait for the wind to blow it away or put up a net outside the trampoline.

Trampolines are fun, affordable, and healthy, but they can also be be dangerous if not handled properly. High winds are one of the biggest dangers of trampolines. Make sure to keep the trampoline clear of debris to avoid any added risk.

To ensure your trampoline’s safety, you should consider the effects of high winds when deciding to use your trampoline. You must never jump on a trampoline in high winds. Trampolines are best used on calm days or in a covered area.

In high winds, to avoid damage to your trampoline, do not use it. Keep your trampoline indoors or disassemble it when high wind occurs. 

How to secure your trampoline from strong winds?

There is a reason that trampolines are popular entertainment equipment and not necessarily the activity of playing around on a trampoline.

In fact, strong winds can be dangerous, as they can easily flip over a trampoline or make it difficult for a parent to harness the trampoline and safely secure the children.

You may have seen the recent news about strong winds causing a trampoline to become damaged or torn apart. More than 300 people were injured, and at least 10 people had their trampolines destroyed.

These accidents may have been prevented if people had been aware of a few simple guidelines to secure their trampolines against strong winds.

Here are a few tips on how to secure your trampoline from strong winds.

Use a trampoline anchorage kit for safety

The use of a trampoline anchorage kit is not only a good idea for the general public, but it is a vital part of the trampoline industry as well. In the event of a crash, having a trampoline anchorage kit will prevent the trampoline from flipping over, and will keep the entire set-up from collapsing.

One of the most important safety features for a trampoline is its anchorage kit. The kit is very important because it tightens up the trampoline and keeps it anchored to the ground.

If the trampoline is not firmly anchored to the ground, kids could get hurt if they were to fall off the trampoline.

What types of trampoline anchor kits are there?

  • Arch anchorage trampoline anchor type

Arch anchorage is a cable system that allows you to easily and securely anchor your trampoline to the floor. It allows you to place the trampoline right where you want it without having to take the trampoline apart or unhook the poles.

This makes it easier to transport and use than other trampoline systems, and is a great way to keep your trampoline safe and protected.

  • Solid anchorage trampoline anchoring kit

When you stand on a trampoline, you need to hold on to the safety net to avoid falling. Also, you are not supposed to bounce or jump on the trampoline since it is very dangerous.

So what is it that lies between the trampoline and the safety net? Solid Anchorage: A system that is a combination of fiberglass and synthetic webbing that is designed to hold you securely in place.

The system is used in place of traditional ropes and netting, and is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) as meeting standards for safety and security.

  • U-shaped Anchors (U-shaped trampoline anchors)

U-Shaped Trampoline Anchor Kits are also known as “Claw-like Anchors” and “Carrot Anchor”.

They are a type of “Claw” anchor which is a type of anchor with two rust-resistant claws that grip the wood and anchors the trampoline to the ground by holding the trampoline’s poles.

U-shaped trampoline anchors are one of the best heavy duty trampoline anchor.

  • Titan grip anchorage stakes

Titan grip anchorage stakes are a rather neat invention that enables you to use the Trampoline safely. The anchorage stakes are made of steel and securely fasten the Trampoline to the ground.

The spikes are driven deep into the ground with the help of a C-clamp. The spikes prevent the Trampoline from moving in the wind and ensure the safety of the user.

  • Heavy-duty trampoline anchor kits with screws

There are two types of trampoline anchors. One is a snap-lock anchor and the other is a screw anchor.

The snap-lock anchor is more common but is less durable.

The screw anchor is a more durable anchor, but requires you to screw it into the ground.

  • Auger trampoline anchors 

Auger trampoline anchors can be used to support trampolines and attach them to ground while camping.

  • Cheap trampoline anchor kits

A cheap trampoline anchor kits is a trampoline accessory that attaches to the frame of a trampoline in order to prevent the trampoline from bouncing up and down. And prevent damage to trampolines.

Weight per ground anchors you must consider

The weight limit for an anchor used on its own should be no more than 1/3 the total weight you want the trampoline and anchor supporting.

Are trampoline anchors expensive?

Trampoline anchors are an essential piece of equipment for any trampoline. Not only that, they are also the most expensive component of a trampoline, costing around £60.

There are many reasons for this, and it is usually because of the fact that trampoline anchors are made of metal. They are also made of a high quality material, that is designed to withstand force and friction.

Use trampoline straps for safety

Trampoline safety is important and can’t be ignored. This isn’t a new concept, but is often overlooked by parents.

It’s a simple matter of common sense, really. A trampoline isn’t a playground and you can’t expect to jump off of it and start to bounce around without stressing yourself out.

Types of ideal strap you can use

  • High quality straps

For a high quality strap, you can use a Jumping 18 Inch Universal Trampoline Strap. It is a strap rather than a spring that securely holds trampolines together and can handle the constant bouncing.

  • Double velcro straps

Double velcro straps are good for beginners or children. This is because they come with long straps that are easy to adjust.

For more advanced users, single velcro straps are more useful as they can be adjusted to a shorter, more comfortable length.

  • Ratchet straps

Ratchet straps are a great way to stop a trampoline from flying out of the ground. Ratchet straps make it easier to adjust your trampoline for faster setup and take down.

  • 4 adjustable heavy-duty straps

These 4 heavy-duty adjustable straps, which are made from 1.5″ wide webbing straps, are useful for safely attaching trampolines to trees, retaining walls, and other surfaces. They are designed to support up to 100 lbs.

  • Thread strap

A Thread strap is a strap that goes over a trampoline’s frame to prevent it from moving while in use. It also prevents injury.

Trampolines during hurricanes and upcoming hurricane

During a hurricane, property values plummet and you may be left with a large amount of unwanted property. A trampoline could be used to save a lot of money, and help you avoid having to pay for damaged roofs or a new roof.

The Trampoline Industry Association (TIA) just released a report that trampolines should be relocated before a hurricane is even a possibility. This is super important in light of the many people who were injured last year when their trampoline was thrown into the air.

Other effective method to protect your trampoline from hurricane 

  • Sandbag method 
  • Traditional method
  • Barriers with heavy weight capacity
  • Natural wind barriers
  • Natural and man-made barriers
  • Put extra weight
  • Universal weight bags for extra weight

Sand bag method are effective against high winds

A new advertisement is spreading around the internet promoting a method of protecting your trampoline from high wind damage.

It is based on using a device called the “sandbags method” and it claims that you can prevent trampoline damage by placing a round black bag over the trampoline that will protect it when high winds are present. Trampoline sandbags are cheap and easily to found. You can also order at Amazon.  

Best materials to protect your trampolines from bad weathers

Heavy duty polyester material

The net of the trampoline is made from polyester material. The material is created by using chemical processes, and it is a soft and elastic one.

The material is often used by manufacturers of trampolines because of its strong durability, good elasticity and its low cost. This is the reason why the net is mostly made of polyester.

Furthermore, the net is highly resistant to a lot of things, that is why it is most often used. Heavy duty polyester material is also effective against bad weather conditions.

Galvanized steel material frame leg joints

The galvanized steel material is used on the outer frame of the trampoline, which is a steel frame that is coated with a layer of galvanized steel coating.

U-shaped and W-shaped frame legs

On standard trampolines, the frame legs are built to match the frame’s curved shape. They are flat, and extend out from the center of the trampoline.

Now, on U-shaped and W-shaped trampolines, these frame legs are also built to fit the U- or W-shaped frame, but they are flat, and they don’t extend out from the center. 

How to determine mph wind speed?

Wind speed is one of the most important factors to consider when setting up a trampoline. If the trampoline isn’t properly set up, the wind speed may be too high, which can result in unnecessary blows.

If the wind speed is higher than about 15 miles per hour, wind can be dangerous for the trampoline. If the wind speed is higher than about 15 miles per hour, wind can be dangerous situation for the trampoline.

  • Popular method to determine wind speed

The beaufort scale is the most commonly used scale, and is used to calculate the speed of wind.

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